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Mugs have held a spot in many hearts for years with special artwork. Used as a gift and for holding your suitable morning beverages, It serves as a major equipment in the kitchen, offices, and boardrooms. Mugs are very popular and trending and are sure they will continue to trend in years to come.

Mugs are one of the most functional and useful ways to get your information across, beautify someone’s day, or add vigor to your ornament. In this article, we are informing you about the ways how a mug can be used with tips to make a personalized design mug. Therefore, give thorough attention to this post.

Let’s look at some of the ways a mug can be used:

  1. Advertising

Mugs make a great design for the logo of your business or to display a message related to your business. Their usefulness makes them less likely to be abandoned.

If someone takes a drink with a mug decorated with your business, it will make it more popular and well-known


  1. Gift giving

A designed mug is commonly used as a special gift for the person you cherish, Decorated with motivated words and personalized with the receiver’s name could be a perfect gift to someone important to you


  1. Home Decor

Custom mugs can be used as a partial beautification to your office. They are printed with inspirational sayings, to be gorgeous, like full-color artwork. Regardless of how it is designed, a custom mug will add more personality to your home.


  1. Home-based business

Did you know that a custom-printed mug can be used as an exceptional idea for a work-from-home scheme?

Subsisting on the popularity of mugs is a great way to generate more revenue for your business operated locally or online. Creating a clever, good design or messages and having them printed on custom mugs will bring an easy and profitable business idea.


Tips to make a personalized mug design

If you want  to make your own coffee mug design, the below tips will ensure your mug design remains ahead above the rest.

  1. Plan it out

Before attempting any coffee mug design product, make sure you note down all the designs to use from start to finish.

Things to consider include:


  • Does the design fit on the mug space?
  • Will the design cover the whole mug or just a few parts of it?
  • Will there be something to be included in the mug?
  • How many colors will the mug have?
  • Will the design be stick, washable, or microwaveable?


  1. Choose your base mug or durability

If you want to be sure that your mug will be pleasant to take care of and be used for years. Make sure to look for a mug that’s dishwasher safe for results.

  1. Be color wise

Adding a suitable color can make your mug more attractive, but if it is added too much to your mug it can turn it into a mess. To know you used the right type of color for your mug design after assuming to take the final product, make a sketch that will let you check if your design colors are accurate or too much.


  1. Bigger can be better

Today’s coffee and tea drinkers may have the passion to add more supplements like dollops of sugar or a bit of a triple scoop of chocolate ice cream. Therefore, let your mug have a large volume to contain more brews, and make it big to fit more in the hand.


  1. Be inspirational

People like to be inspired, therefore, you can select a quote from a public figure, actors, or memes, to add some inspired words to your mug.


  1. Opt for a sneak peek

If you want to see your design in action before you make a printing to your mug. Find time to make a sketch drawing of your design or cut a hand-drawn paper to have a good idea of how the final product will look.


  1. Make it memorable

The more designable and attractive your mug is, the more likely the recipient and the users will wish to place it in their home or office. Use designs that are unique to make it ahead of the rest.

  1. Don’t plagiarize

Keep in mind that many artworks may be copyrighted, which can not be reproduced unless you seek permission from the owner.


  1. Wrapping counts

If you are designing your mug to advertise your business or to make a friend’s day to be admired. Packaging the final products will make them more attractive and gorgeous. Find a special box that fits your mug well, then wrap the mug but ensure it’s designable and fix it perfectly.

If it’s a business gift, the box may be the only thing you need, but a custom-printed card attached to the top will make a reminder of your kindness.


  1. Mugs on the move

If you want to design a mug for someone who will spend a lot of time in movement like driving, you might decide to make a travel-type mug. These come in insulated versions that can be engraved or ceramic versions for easy gripping.


  1. Get sharpie

A simple way to personalize a mug is to use the intimate Sharpie pen to ink a hand drawn design on the mug. All you have to do is sketch out your design, let it dry, and then bake twice to set the ink. Fun and hand washable, a sharpie-drawn mug will make it more accommodating.


  1. Pen Ultimate mugs

To make a more durable, dishwasher-safe mug design, use a pen made with ceramic surfaces, to ink your mug design.

  1. Make it with vinyl

If you have a silhouette vinyl cutting machine, you can easily cut virtually any shape with a standard vinyl and convert it to a mug.


Final thought

There are many mug designs out there, which you can search for around the internet or at your local mug box store with witnesses. Then assuming why you should bother creating your own. Do not insist, when you make your coffee mug design, you create a finished product that is exclusively yours.

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